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A dynamic speaker and futurist with high energy, Rachel will instantly light up a crowd. Her presentations are frequently the highest-rated sessions at conferences. She authentically engages and empowers the audience with practical tips, tools, and resources to start innovating.  In addition to being incredibly motivational, the goal of each and every speaking engagement is to challenge the audience. They will laugh, cry, and for sure dance! She is transparent with her own past, connecting with the audience by discussing how her experience shaped her. She dismisses the traditional frameworks and encourages you to accept and embrace the real you. Rachel will show you how to grow your sales, marketing, and personal development.


Speaking Topics

Unlock your potential

Achievable steps to reach your goals

Start today, don't wait for tomorrow

How to get the "yes" you are searching for

How to deal with rejection and criticism in your business

How to gain confidence that leads to sales